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At Comprehensive Laboratory Testing, our mission is to empower physicians to enhance patient outcomes through better treatment plans by delivering standardization and next generation lab tests with quick turnaround times and concise, easy to interpret lab results.


Service Excellence.  Integrity.  Accountability.

We strive to provide enhanced healthcare services to our customers with care and compassion. Our goal is to build trust through positive experience and accountability.

We are committed to promoting a culture centered on integrity. This means doing the right thing each day for our company, our business partners, and our customers.

We foster accountability by defining expectations, providing constant communication, and measuring results to remain focused and ensure customer satisfaction.

You might be asking...

Why Comprehensive Laboratory Testing?

Customer Centric Lab Solutions

CLT’s Customer-Centric Lab model has incorporated best practices in business and technology for its clients. Partnering with CLT provides a clear path for a practice to implement and utilize our 5 differentiating lab solutions.

CLT Solutions understands that incorporating best practices into every facet of the operational model positively affects the practice, while enhancing patient experiences and outcomes. For these reasons, CLT Solutions has taken the steps to build a Customer-Centric Lab Solution that is tailored to achieve the practices desired results through our AiM3 process of Analysis, Implementation and Management.

Our AiM3 Process

1. Analysis

Our analysis is crucial for determining a practice’s needs and goals.

  1. Current Lines of Business
  2. Potential Additional Lines of Business
  3. Processes and Procedures

2. Implementation

We offer our clients a turnkey streamlined approach to medical laboratory services.

  1. On-site and webinar training
  2. All lab materials provided with optional electronic ordering if preferred
  3. Customized Portal

3. Management

Logistics and efficiencies are key components to success.

  1. 7 days a week customer service
  2. Pre-scheduled on-site sample pick-ups
  3. 48-hour turn-around time in most cases

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