PGx testing is a saliva test performed to see how your body metabolizes medications. This allows the physician to prescribe the most effective prescriptions for patients’ diagnosis. This test also shows which drugs may cause a reaction which could lead to a negative outcome for the patient. In addition to prescribing effective medications, it also shows which medications may have more of an addictive property for each individual patient.

Allergy Testing.

Allergy Pro can complete both food and environmental panels with allergen specific IgE blood testing based on the patients’ needs. We have customized environmental panels based on region, which can be tailored to meet your practices needs.

Blood Wellness.

A customized male / female blood panel which enables practices to provide an increased scope of treatment.  This is a comprehensive metabolic, lipid, and hormone panel, which includes a complete blood count with a 5 part differential.


With the recent rise in nation-wide prescription opioid abuse and dependency, toxicology testing is more important than ever. Toxicology testing allows physicians to ensure medications are taken correctly and blood limits don’t reach dangerously high levels that could cause harm to the patient.

Respiratory Pathogen Panel.

Our RPP panel is performed with a nasal swab to detect bacterial, viral, or fungal pathogens to promote antibiotic stewardship. Using PCR technology (amplified), this test provides the highest rate of accuracy in both sensitivity and specificity to ensure the best patient care.

Hereditary Cancer Screening.

Hereditary Cancer screening is available for anyone with a personal or family history of cancer. This one-time test looks for 36 mutated genes associated with familial cancers. This information is helpful for early detection of signs and symptoms associated with familial cancers, which can lead to better outcomes for patients with higher risk of developing cancer.

Advanced Cardio Testing

Our MD Heart Pro was developed by the Cleveland Heart Lab. MD Heart Pro will identify over 90% of patients at risk for developing cardiac disease. Traditional lipid panels only capture 40% of potential cardiac disease. Physicians may speak to a peer at Cleveland Heart concerning any questions they may have in regard to patient results.

Stem Cell.

Stem cell therapy is a ground-breaking treatment for osteoarthritis pain, other orthopedic conditions, and sports injuries. Positive results can be expected with one injection and provide relief that can last up to one year. Stem cell injections may free patients from having to rely on opioids, steroid injections, and viscosupplements.

Gastrointestinal Testing.

With cutting-edge patented technology we can successfully determine which of the 6 most commonly used antibiotics a patient will not respond.

Using both real-time PCR to confirm the presence of H-Pylori and Next Generation Sequencing our test will uncover the antibiotic resistance present within the DNA of the patient.

 We can process this test from existing paraffin block from a partnering lab. Therefore, the GI physician is not required to obtain an additional fresh tissue specimen.


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